“I’ve been working with Anthony since January of 2016. In that time, he helped me take my raw squat from 225 to 315 and put over 100 lbs on my raw total.

Over the past 6 months, he’s coached me every step of the way as I transitioned from raw to equipped lifting, and helped me secure my first equipped total this past October. The coaching I’ve received from Anthony over the past two years has been personal; he has taken the time to understand my specific training needs and helped me address weaknesses that have in turn made me a better, and more confident lifter.

Anthony possesses every quality you’d want in a great coach; he’s attentive, supportive, caring and most importantly, knowledgeable. He’s a true student of powerlifting and makes it a priority to continue to learn and grow as an athlete which directly contributes to his success as a coach. Through his coaching, Anthony has also created a fun and inspiring community of lifters. We’re spread out across the country but always look for opportunities to come together as a team and support one another whether it be in person or virtually.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with Anthony for as long as I powerlift, and I know he will help me become the best athlete I possibly can.”

-Jackie Houseman



“Since starting with TWC just three weeks ago, Anthony has already propelled me to a PR in each lift. Not to mention his coaching cues have got me feeling more comfortable and confident under the bar than I ever have. Anthony doesn’t sugar-coat anything. If you want a coach that will take you to the next level and not coddle you, Anthony and TWC are where it’s at.”

-Ethan Russell


“My first true experience with Conjugate was my most recent 12 week meet prep with TWC and Anthony. PR’d in each lift and put 50 lbs on my total. Had been cutting my squats high, he fixed it. Had soft arms at lockout, he fixed it. Had weak hams pulling, fixed it. It’s a no-nonsense, no BS approach. Where you are weak, he attacks it head-on. Hands-on coaching with cues and critiques through video, phone, and text that are easily applicable. He truly cares about your success and it shows.”

-Bill Viets